Wednesday, 13 May 2015


he mighty ‘Mother Nature’ has unfolded its rage on the innocent unsuspecting people of Nepal. What remains now of this beautiful landscape is a massive mound of soil, a colossal mountain of debris and thousands of walking shadows.

Even as I write this paragraph, I can see a soiled-child rummaging for his favourite toy amidst the mount of debris, his heart-broken mother calling for him beyond madness and a father hoping to find the familiar faces of his family amongst the unfamiliar faces through the clouds of dust. If it hurts us even just to imagine, lay your hands on these affected people. You might barely hear their heart beats. For many, these tremors took away everything they had; even the reason to breathe. One can only see the horror but not the pain Nepalese people are going through. What if we were one of them? The excruciating pain would have been enough to drive us insane.

All beautiful monuments have faded into time. All visual splendour has been obliterated. All giggles and laughter have suddenly transformed into painful moans and cries. All smiles disappeared into sorrows of eternity. All peace turned into cacophony. Where is that Nepal we used to know? Where are all those jubilant joyous people?

 O Mighty Lord, please forgive them if they have sinned. May our poor neighbour emerge unvanquished from this Battle for Survival against Mother Nature. May our prayers find its way into the hearts of our Nepalese friends to give them the strength to bear their infinite loss. May god have mercy on us all.