Thursday, 7 March 2013

‘My Dreamland.’

I dream a dream of being in my dreamland;
Its tall buildings, landscape and vistas
Fascinates me and soothes my aching soul.
Its woods and planes do seem to me
Like a magical world of dreams it be.
But I shall question through eternity,
Would the soil there smell of fraternity?
And will the air smell of love?
Will one live in freedom and age with dignity?
Will a mother feed her children
Love, warmth, sweat and blood?
Will all people pray for you,
Even when you mean none to them?
Will people forgive in humbleness
Or curse you in utter disgrace?
If be not these in my dreamland,
I would rot in a happy hell
Than prosper in an unhappy heaven.
The land full of hopes, the land free of guillotine,
This is my land, my country Bhutan.   
                                                                                             -Rinchen Phuntsho.