Tuesday, 11 September 2012

...And Then An Angel Came

Life has given me quite a lot but took twice of what it gave.
Dark black perilous clouds, clouds that foretold unwelcomed sorrow,
Hovered over me like an unwanted faithful dog.
It shed tears of inexhaustible misery, misery that aroused immense agony –
They fell on my sickened heart like little drops of perilous acid.

They robbed my mind of any peace and my heart of any joy,
In their cemetery they dug a grave to bury my smiles for all eternity.
The joys of laughter, the warmth of love,
The comfort of luxury, the fragrance of freedom,
All turned into a distant dream of a long forgotten world.

And then an angel came
To dig my grave and resurrect me,
To hold my hands and walk by me,
To wipe my tears and dress my wounds,
To give me love and guide me home – The Glorious Land of Euphoria.  

She held my hands and warmed my heart,
She kissed my lips and consoled my soul.
She pointed at the darkened clouds and in soothing voice she said to me,
“Don’t die before your death but instead learn to live and laugh,
For I will never leave your side and that I promise you my dear.”