Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Renaissance of Fountain Pens.

The repercussions of our action are, not by any law, immediate or prompt. It can only be felt over the years. Most often, even our seemingly mundane activities have an enormous impact on ourselves and our environment. For instance, writing with a ballpoint pen.
Ballpoint pens, though invented as a solution for the smearing and leakage problems of fountain pens, have contributed to our oblivious efforts of destroying our planet. They are made of plastics from top to bottom and from inside to outside and we are all aware of how plastics harm the environment. They are non biodegradable and thus cause land and ground water pollution. Burning plastic products releases toxic fumes into the air which can cause cancer. Substantiating on these facts is the bizarre truth that there is no known ways of recycling these used pens.
The figures too are alarming. Americans alone buy a staggering 106 billion ballpoint pens annually. It brings goose bumps to even imagine of how much more India and china, two of the world’s most populous countries would be using. By September, 2005, Bics Company alone had sold more than 100 billion ballpoint pens. What about the other Ballpoint pen manufacturing companies? Imagine about the amount of plastic waste we have generated. If placed end to end, this amount of ballpoint pens would have been enough to circle the earth more than five hundred times.
Taking into consideration all these impacts, Chheoden Lower Secondary School, located above Lungtenphu RBA campus, has initiated a green move of banning the use of ballpoint pens. Ballpoint pens have been replaced by the use of fountain pens. Fountain pens can be used for many years. It needs less effort to write with fountain pens and thus there is little danger of cramping. Fountain pen inks come in bottles which can be recycled.  This makes it the ultimate Zero plastic guilt free writing method. Join us!!!!!!!!