Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I am neither a psychologist nor a socialist. I am neither against the abolishment
of corporal punishments in school nor against the child’s right. I am but a
mere human with my own share of flaws and skepticism.

The recent incident of a parent bashing up a teacher has led to widespread fear and
insecurity among the teachers. We are no longer safe in our own schools. There
have been many incidences of students challenging the teachers physically and
many more which has gone unnoticed and unapprised by the authorities. Teachers
being threatened and abused are no longer a secret. Perhaps the time has come
for teachers to come to schools in bulletproof vests and Scooter helmets.
Security and rights of teachers has become a matter of paramount importance
that needs immediate consideration and rethinking.
If a student is abused by teachers, teachers are persecuted like a criminal who
has jeopardized the security of the whole mankind but if a teacher is abused by
a student or their parents, the teacher is denied justice. The matter is all
muted and hushed up to provide platforms for such obscure incidents to happen
again. History holds witness to this unruly fact.

Two years ago, a teacher was given a reward which he still carries on his neck; the
scar of a brutal stone attack. An Indian teacher of Haa was slapped by a
student in the presence of the whole class and the teacher unable to bear the
embarrassment, who cried in front of the school administration, was disheartened
and resigned; a vice principal in one of the Thimphu school was threatened by a
student (gang member) in the school, a lady teacher (in Thimphu) was pushed by
a student in the corridor resulting in physical injury to the teacher, and the
latest incident (an Indian teacher who was manhandled) has made us afraid of
going to school which reverberate and will be etched in the history of
education in Bhutan. In all those faces where we saw future of our nation, now
we see the stern faces of criminals, the pens and pencils in their hands looks
like swords and guns to our eyes. We have started to suffer from illusions and
hallucinations. Students instill fear and insecurity in us. It is time for the
government to act…..save us.
We respect the right of students, parents and other fellow humans. We teach
humanity to the students but why is it that we are denied humanity? We desire
appreciation for our efforts but negligence and inconsideration looms over us.
We look for support but we are given denial. We seek humanity but we are given animality’. In all days hard toil we seek for morale support
but we end up being abused. We give in our best effort but end up being scorned.
Why is it that we always get what we don’t want?

Wasn’t the explosion at Bajo HSS not loud enough to wake up the slumbering Education
Ministry? Are we waiting for an atomic explosion to knock some logical sense?
History will repeat because men never

We, humbly await our fate in the country of GNH in the hands of our students and

Thanking you all.