Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bangchung on Fire

We live today in a critical situation when modernization and urbanization have begun to get the better of our culture and tradition. Rapid development has brought about many changes which are suppressing our tradition and customs. We are thus deviating from our true identity. A westernized lifestyle has found its way into our precious tradition and customs and the younger generation is particularly influenced. An alien lifestyle makes us imposters and not innovators. The younger generation lives in a false world of make-believe. We believe things western are more advanced and better than home. We prefer shirts and trousers to Ghos and Kiras. The discotheque attracts more than the chanting of hymns. The language we use betrays our culture and even our melodious folk songs are getting defeated by the loud noises of drums and guitars. It’s as clear as crystal that our tradition and culture are fast fading away into the museums.

Everyone criticizes our culture on the ground that it is not modernized. What we urgently need is the inspiration from history which will make us proud to call ourselves Bhutanese; inspiration that reveals our true identity. Cultural dilution can result in changes of the old traditional ways and perceptions and the consequences can only be understood over time. It is alleged that as we lose our old roots and values, new branches cannot give proper fruit. We might also lose our values, unity, identity and peace. However, it is never too late to try.

In the present scenario, I feel that we have strong ties to our old traditional and cultural values and this is the right time for us to remove the veil that has been casted on our eyes by the glamour of modernization. Let’s unite ourselves and play our own little part in preserving these priceless gems of ours. Let’s begin this journey of a thousand mile with a single step. Let’s strive to preserve what we have rather than yearning for what we don’t have. Let us proudly say that we are Bhutanese not merely by birth but true Drukpas from the core of our hearts.